Reviews of Jered Woznicki's WorKshop:
Painting from the Live Model


D. Kirchman wrote:

To begin with, I appreciated the first day. Everything was organized and prepared - from the introductory lecture with time for questions explaining what the course would cover, to the various canvases and mediums. Jered explained his plan for the two-week class and it seemed that everyone could keep up if they wanted to. This diminished any sense of anxiety I could have felt on the first day and set me up for a good continuation.

  The lectures were excellent and communicated much information. Questions were answered with clarity and patience. During the critiques, when Jered went from student to student, I felt that he gave us each his full attention and divided his time fairly. He was willing to answer my questions and give in-depth suggestions. I think he is extremely clear in communicating his knowledge to you when you are in your painting process. When I was flagging, he was always positive. I would highly recommend this class.


J. Nolan wrote:

Jered is a wonderful teacher. He is so clear and concise with his instructions. I feel that I am leaving the Angel Academy with a solid foundation that I can build upon.

  After painting for a long time, I now have a plan that I can follow which will, I know, make me a better painter.



A. Debus wrote:

First, I'm completely impressed by the way that Jered Woznicki is teaching. He takes time for everyone, is always patient and explains how to get better. Because my English is not so good, he had to explain many things to me twice, but he did it in a very friendly way.

I have never had, nor seen, such a good art teacher with such knowledge and authority! -And I've studied for six years at a German art academy and have taught in various private art schools.

Second, I've been painting for many years, hosting exhibitions and selling my artworks. I came here to see another way to produce Old Master paintings. However, I got much more out of it! I learned so much about the basics of oil-painting, working with brushes, palette, mixing colours...

I cannot tell you how wonderful this workshop has been for future work in my studio!

Thanks so much for that!



G. Saydon wrote:

Great environment, highly educational and excellently organized with a step-by-step structure that enabled understanding and assimilation of vital points.



A. Hobden wrote:

I have very much enjoyed my two weeks at the Angel Academy!

I found the structure of the course extremely productive in developing new skills in painting the figure from life. It especially built up each stage and I have learned so much so quickly.

Thank you for a great, interesting and productive couple of weeks!



C. Rooney wrote:

This was a great learning experience. The class was very methodical and steps were well explained. Jered has a very high degree of expertise which he is able to convey clearly to his workshop participants. I feel that this was a very important class to take in order to further the mature quality of my paintings.



B. Liekens wrote:

A very clear and concise progression of the material. It creates for us a solid foundation. This approach empowers us to take the experience with us after these two weeks!



J. Cowper wrote:

Brilliantly methodical and clear lesson structure. Great lessons and tips that have helped me enormously. Also wonderful that Jered gave so much time to the workshop and one always felt that help was there if necessary. Having spent a long time in trying to work out good, effective methods for oil painting, I have found that this workshop has solved many mysteries.



H. Erisman wrote:

Jered Woznicki is an effective teacher.
1. He ensures we know why we are doing something - explains the principle.
2. He incorporates different strategies to address the various learning styles of the students:

Visual: He provides examples of the painting stages so that we can see what the lesson objectives are.

Auditory: He communicates and provides frequent, timely "lecturettes" to explain technical processes and he does so clearly and with examples.

Kinesthetically: While painting, Jered provides several smaller activities/ lessons in support of the larger project to reinforce skill development and understanding of principles. In addition, Jered is very attentive to coaching the student, visiting each at their easel to ensure understanding of concept and skill development.

3. Jered listens to and observes students and takes advantage of teaching moments. Students are at different painting abilities and, though systematic overall, Jered is flexible to assist students where they are at, to repeat and reinforce in a manner that is patient and clear.
4. Jered is encouraging and positive without being condescending. He needs to address numerous similar questions throughout a learning stage and he is continuously respectful and clear in his instruction when explaining objectives for each lesson.



Jered is a very explicit teacher. The course is a comprehensive and intensive exploration of both the figure and painting. I consider it to be the best fundamental course I've taken to date. It certainly expanded my knowledge and gave me insight into developing a working method. The instruction again was exemplary, direct and to the point. The critiques were fair and helpful.
Louise Muelhaupt, USA



Bravo! I learned so much! This was probably the most difficult class of any kind that I have ever taken. It was also the one that I learned the most in. (I am referring to all of my schooling...not just Art).
Jered is the epitome of an effective instructor: equitable, fair, patient, clear and intuitive. The lessons/examples and short tutorials really helped to solidify and illustrate each step of the process. He worked us hard and had high expectations. Thank you for your superior skills and attention Jered. Well done!
Stephanie Scholten, Canada


Thank you for such a rich and well organised workshop! Amazing quality and extremely professional in its delivery. Jered is a generous instructor, extremely knowledgeable about painting the model - world class and brilliant at getting across a systems approach to painting. Not merely satisfied in doing this he also provides other useful technical knowledge to help bridge knowledge and practice gaps. I greatly appreciated the order and discipline of the workshop, respecting time allocation and breaks and the individualized feedback generously and constructively provided several times a day.
A fabulous and enduring experience for anyone interested in advancing their painting technique and studio practices.
Fiona Merlin, Australia




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