We have moved!

To celebrate its relocation
The Angel Academy of Art, Florence
in collaboration with the
Amerigo Vespucci celebrations 2012

will host an Open House


Saturday April 28th
10am - 5pm
Via Nardo di Cione 10
Florence, Italy


where all visitors will have the unique opportunity to observe the working studio and meet faculty and students.


The Angel Academy of Art moved on April 10th into a new home to one of Florence's beloved neighbourhoods close to the city centre. They have invested in the long-term future of the Academy by consolidating their campuses and moving both into a vast new studio space.


The exciting new state-of-the-art school was meticulously designed to meet the particular specifications for study of the old master's techniques. The abundance of both natural and controlled lighting is balanced by deep olive colored walls that accentuate skin tones. The temperature-controlled environment provides optimum comfort during working hours, and an elegant exhibition gallery weaves around the studios displaying the remarkable works of students past and present.


Images follow below



Contact Information:

The Angel Academy of Art
Via Nardo di Cione 10
50121 Florence
Tel./Fax 055 - 246 6737
email: info.angel@angelartschool.com
New Blog: angelacademyflorence.wordpress.com

Please check out The Academic Process lecture on YouTube. Here is the link:




The Angel Academy of Art of Florence is dedicated to the continuance of Classic Realist painting and is considered of one of the most important academies of classical art in Europe and North America. Founded fifteen years ago by British expats, Lynne Barton and Michael John Angel, the Academy has been schooling artists from around the world in the discipline and techniques that began with the Old Masters of the Renaissance continuing to the late nineteenth century. The Academy is one of the few private art institutions in Italy to receive accreditation and recognition from the Regione Toscana. 


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