One month intensive courses in landscape painting and portrait painting

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The Angel Academy of Art now offers month-long intensives in landscape painting and portrait painting (the student chooses one or the other). These intensive courses take place throughout the academic year (see below) and are separate from our full-time, 3-year Fundamental programme.


With us, you will learn:

  • how to paint with a realism that equals the best Realist artists today.
  • how successful paintings are composed.
  • how to employ the principles of colour composition and value schemes.
  • the proper use of underpainting/overpainting methods.
  • how to bring LIFE and EMOTION to your drawings and paintings.
  • the correct use of photographic source material: i.e. how to use photographs without copying them.


All works will be done in-house and from a laptop*, or iPad screen*. The student learns the traditional structure of a painting's composition and the technical underpainting/ overpainting procedures used by the great landscape and portrait masters of the past.


Every aspect of this course is under the guidance of Mr Angel and our instructors.


You will also receive various pdf and jpeg send-outs that encapsulate the correct methods of using oil paint. These send-outs explain the different grounds, materials and mediums used in oil painting and also describe the various layers used in traditional underpainting-overpainting techniques.






The student's class commitment includes 30 hours per week of full instruction; each student receives at least one critique in the morning and one critique in the afternoon from the course instructors, as well as advice during the day. Students may also attend extracurricular additional life drawing classes in the evenings. All levels are accepted.


The student is awarded a Diploma on completion of the one month intensive course.


Availability for any consecutive four week period* during our Academic Year Trimesters. Dates as follows:


Academic Year 2019-2020

Fall 2019 Trimester: September 23 to December 6 2018
Winter 2020 Trimester: January 7 to March 20 2019
Spring 2020 Trimester: April 6 to June 12 2019


The Academy will be closed during all public holidays (make-up time is unforeseen)

  • Intensive course Fee: €1600.00 Euros
    A Materials List will be provided on registration
    The fee includes 20 days tuition (from Monday to Friday for 4 weeks).
    Class times: Monday to Friday 09.30 - 12.30 / 14.00 - 17.00
    * The student must provide the Laptop or iPad necessary to work from.

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Application is open to all: there are no restrictions on age or experience. We do not require any previous Educational Certificates of whatever title from the applicant. Intensive one month courses are held during the Fall, Winter and Spring trimesters.


In order to reserve your place please fill out the Registration form (scroll down to the bottom of the page) and return it to us in a first instance by email, with the original hard copy to follow immediately by post. We will ask you to remit full payment of the non-refundable/non-transferable tuition fee. We cannot confirm your registration until your remittance has been received. Please contact us for the details for making your payment (non-transferable/non-refundable). Please note that there will be a transfer fee of €20.00 Euros added for all transactions.


The deadlines for the receipt of applications for course sessions during the 2019-2020 Academic Year are as follows, (however as places are limited and subject to availability, to avoid disappointment we highly recommend anticipating these dates).


Fall 2019 Trimester March 1 2019
Winter 2020 Trimester June 1 2019
Spring 2020 Trimester October 1 2019


Applications received after these dates will be placed on a waiting list for the dates requested.


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Each evening during the week, students have additional opportunities to study. Twice each week, students of all levels can work from the live model.




Please send an e-mail to info.angel@angelartschool.com or contact us at the address at left, include your name, gender, email address, home address and any information you consider important for us to know about.


Please click this link for a printable application form:

2018-19/ 2019-20 One Month Intensives Application Form


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