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A firm grounding in the technical and material aspects is considered essential. The differences between various pencils, charcoals, paints, papers and canvases are taught, together with the preparation of glues and plasters for canvas and panel. The diverse requirements and specific mediums for the various layers of an oil painting are studied, and underpainting-overpainting procedures, as well as the masters’ glazing techniques, are examined thoroughly.



Anatomy and Morphology

Knowledge of the structure and form of the human body has been considered imperative for the figure painter since Leonardo and Michelangelo pioneered them during the Renaissance. Through a series of slide lectures and work from the live model, these disciplines are thoroughly explored by the students at the Angel Academy of Art.




In addition, AAA students have the opportunity to create an écorché figure (a flayed figure), working in the studio of a professional, extremely talented American sculptor, Jason Arkles, who lives and works in Florence. This course comprises six evening classes, spread over two weeks—two Monday evenings, two Wednesday evenings and two Friday evenings.



In the course, each student builds the forms of a clay figure, muscle by muscle, to gain a thorough understanding of the anatomy and morphology of the human figure.




Please note that, as this course is outside of the normal curriculum of the Angel Academy, a small fee of 150.00 euros will be charged by mæstro Jason Arkles. This is a specially discounted fee for students of the Angel Academy of Art, Florence.


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