Annigoni's Legacy

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View some of the photographs and scenes taken during the exhibition of the Angel Academy of Art’s show, Annigoni’s Legacy, held recently at the Villa Bardini, Florence.


The photo below is from the press conference with maestro Michael John Angel and co-founder Lynne Barton, together with Benedetto Annigoni— the late maestro Annigoni’s son— and Dr. John Spike, the world’s leading authority on Mattia Preti and the followers of Caravaggio.



Press Conference– Michael John Angel (at the extreme right) with (from left to right) Benedetto Annigoni, President Michele Gremigni of the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, and Dr. John Spike.


La Signora Annigoni with Dr Barletti


La signora Annigoni, maestro Annigoni’s widow, was with us at the inauguration and gave a warm, gracious speech. Scenes also show the students together with invited guests during the inauguration held on the 12th May, 2010. Everyone enjoyed cocktails served on the stunning Bardini Terrace, which overlooks the city of Florence, and were entertained by a trio of classical musicians. Photo (left): Michael John Angel and Lynne Barton with Dr Barletti



Michael John Angel and Lynne Barton
with Damir ŠimiĆ


The evening was brought to a close with a magnificent display by the Florentine flag wavers and drummers, dressed in their traditional medieval costumes.






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